Santorini Donkeys

A look behind the scenes of the donkey industry on Santorini showed me some very sad pictures. The donkeys are being badly mistreated here – but I don't want to go into more detail now, it's too sad.

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I want to do something!

I want to do something to help the donkeys. Since I was a child donkeys have been my favorite animal. I found the SAWA institution – Santorini Animal Welfare Association, that gives a home to the retired donkeys, picks up any donkey that needs help, gives them medical treatment and gives them a happy life before passing the rainbow bridge. I was there myself and the owener Christina does a great job there! She is the founder and good soul of SAWA. She takes care of everything that comes from A-Z.


Here the solution was found quickly: I donate for the Santorini donkeys at SAWA 10% of the salary of each of my weddings. That way I can directly support the animals on my adopted home island. By booking me as your planner for your wedding, you help me to give the donkeys here on Santorini something back. Love, peace and tranquility.

Thank you very much for that!

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Giving the donkeys Love, Peace & Tranquility!