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So, what to consider when planning a wedding abroad on Santorini?

Keep reading to find some useful tips.

Bespoke Weddings Santorini

1. create a budget

As with a wedding at home, a destination wedding on Santorini requires precise planning and budget management. Please note that non-local service providers such as photographers, musicians etc. will charge their travel expenses additionally. These costs can be considerable and must therefore be planned from the beginning.

2. location search

You should not only look for a location that you like, but that can also withstand all the necessary logistical demands. On Santorini we have a lot of steps and cobblestones paths – keep your older guests in mind. What is the transport of the guests on the wedding day, do they come by car or do you book a bus for everyone? If the guests come by car, is there enough parking space at your location? Is it allowed to leave the cars there until the next day?

Bespoke Weddings Santorini

3. visit the location at least 1x personally

Ideally, you know the place where you want to get married. Maybe you fell in love with a villa, finca or winery during your holiday trip on Santorini? Either way, visit the location and use this short break to possibly do a styling rehearsal. If you book the make-up artist on Santorini, this is the best opportunity.

4. save the date

In your circle of acquaintances, you are probably one of the few who will marry abroad. This means that you cannot ask your family and friends to know this. Therefore, send out Save the Date cards early. This way your loved ones can take care of holidays at work early or can cancel you early for the wedding, which in turn helps you with the planning.

Bespoke Weddings Santorini

5. accommodation for your wedding guests

You are not expected to book a hotel exclusively for 70 people, but you should be able to expect to have some great tips on the local hotel scene. In your research on wedding locations, you have certainly looked at one or two offers and found them to be suitable. Create a list of your favourites and send it to your guests with the Save the Date cards. This way your loved ones can get in the mood and get an idea.

6. go local

Do not fly in exotic flowers (and certainly not your florist) but use local plants and florists. On Santorini you can work well with olive branches, eucalyptus, lemons, and figs. This is more ecological and also cheaper.

Bespoke Weddings Santorini

7. no destination wedding without a professional planner

The biggest difference between a "normal" wedding and a destination wedding is the fact that YOU are not there. You need a wedding planner who is specialized in weddings abroad. Who has experience with international clients and knows the legal issues as well as the local vendors. You simply need someone you can rely on 100%.

8. wedding dress always in hand luggage

Under no circumstances, dear bride, should you check in your wedding dress. It must always stay with you. Most airlines allow a wedding dress bag as carry-on luggage. Check it again before departure.

Bespoke Weddings Santorini

And now I hope that these tips about "How to plan your destination wedding on Santorini" could help you a bit - would you hire a destination wedding planner?

Do you need help planning your destination wedding on Santorini or do you have any questions? I am at your disposal, just write me an email - I look forward to hearing from you.


Pictures: 1. Phosart Photography | 2. Lighthouse Photography | 3. KOKO Photography | 4. Jaypag Photo & Film | 5. Unsplash

Planning: Sandra Ebner - Bespoke Weddings Santorini

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