Updated: Apr 16, 2020

What to consider when styling the bride at a wedding on Santorini?

When it comes to bridal styling, the same applies as to everything else: Ask yourself who you are and what suits you. Please remember that Santorini is an island and it can be very windy and hot during the day. A good stylist not only listens to your wishes, but also takes the time for individual advice and makes suggestions that suit your face, age, hair structure and the weather conditions on Santorini!

Santorini Wedding - Bridal Styling

Make-up and hairstyle must last the whole day, even in hot and windy weather!

For this I recommend you to book a local stylist who is familiar with the temperatures and wind conditions on Santorini, so that your make-up and hairstyle will last all day and you can shine.

A trial styling is a good choice to find out how the styling can look and how it feels to be a bride. Another advantage is that you meet the stylist in person before the wedding and are already familiar with the person during the preparations.

Because don't forget, the preparation should be a nice and relaxed time, not a stressful one.


Have oil absorbing paper ready at all times - you can easily ask your maid of honour / bridesmaid to do this. With the special paper you can dab off sweat and tallow without destroying the styling. Please also think of the men.

You can do a lot to make your skin smooth, tight and shiny for your wedding. The most important measures are regular exercise, sufficient sleep and a healthy diet. Exercise stimulates the blood circulation, the skin is better nourished and even sweating benefits the complexion, it clears it up and makes it look fresher.

Santorini Wedding - Bridal Styling

And now I hope that these tips will help you with your styling and that you have a rough idea of what to consider when styling for a wedding on Santorini. Do you need help planning your destination wedding on Santorini or do you have any questions? I am at your disposal, just write me an email or contact me via the contact form - I look forward to hearing from you.


Sandra from Bespoke Weddings Santorini

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