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The Commission Story in the Wedding Industry: What Couples Should Know

My honest and blunt opinion about paying commission in the wedding industry.

Planning a wedding is an intricate dance of choices, negotiations, and dreams woven together to create the perfect day. Behind the scenes, however, exists a practice that couples are largely unaware of: commission-based referrals in the wedding industry. As an experienced wedding planner who believes in transparency and integrity, I want to shed light on this practice and offer my honest and straightforward perspective. In this blog post, I'll delve into the essence of commission-based pricing, its implications, and why I choose a different path as a wedding planner.
Luxury Wedding on Santorini - Wedding Planner: Sandra Ebner from Bespoke Weddings Santorini

Understanding Commission-Based Referrals

Commission-based referrals, a common practice in the wedding industry, involve planners booking vendors and receiving a percentage of the vendor's fee as compensation. This practice is often shrouded in secrecy, with couples unaware of these hidden financial arrangements.

Sometimes, planners charge an additional fee on top of the vendors' services, while in other cases, the commission is already embedded in the vendor's pricing. To illustrate, let's consider a scenario where a planner charges €10,000 for their services. Commissionable vendors are hired as follows:

- Photographer: € 10k + 10% to the planner (€ 1'000)
- Florist: € 25k + 12% to the planner (€ 3'000)
- Rental Provider: € 20k + 8% to the planner (€ 1'600)

Adding these amounts together the planner's fee is effectively doubled due to hidden commissions from vendors. Consequently, the total fee often exceeds what the planner's services should have originally cost.

The Impact on Service Providers

In most cases, service providers increase their prices to accommodate commissions paid to planners. This means that what the couple ultimately pays is inflated due to these hidden costs. While the planner's fee might appear lower upfront, the overall cost to the couple is higher due to the undisclosed commissions.

The consequences of commission-based pricing are far-reaching. One immediate impact is the lack of transparency, as couples are unaware of the additional charges embedded in the vendor's fee. This secrecy compromises their ability to make informed decisions about their wedding budget and vendors.

This pricing structure can lead to a cycle where planners consistently select vendors willing to pay the highest commission, shifting the focus away from the couple's needs and preferences. This practice can compromise the quality of service and the alignment between the couple and their chosen vendors.

Moreover, this pricing structure distorts the market. Planners working on commission often present lower upfront prices to couples, leveraging the expectation of commission earnings. This pricing strategy can undercut honest competitors who do not engage in commission-based practices. The result is an unfair competition that diminishes the value of wedding planning services.

Lack of Transparency and Its Consequences

The issue with commission-based pricing lies in its lack of transparency. Couples often believe they are paying the planner a fixed fee, unaware of the additional costs buried within the vendor pricing. This lack of awareness hinders couples from making fully informed decisions about their wedding budget.

But. Why does one book a vendor? Because they give the most commission, or because their service is incredibly good? Think About!

A Transparent Way Forward

Transparency is the cornerstone of ethical business practices. If a planner chooses to operate on a commission-based model, it's essential to communicate this openly to couples. Couples should know that the planner's fee is influenced by the commissions they receive. This way, couples can make an informed choice about their wedding planning services, based on transparency and honesty.

Planners can foster open conversations about their pricing structure, including any commissions earned from vendors. This approach empowers couples to make informed choices that resonate with their values.
Luxury Wedding on Santorini - Wedding Planner: Sandra Ebner from Bespoke Weddings Santorini

A Call for Awareness

The purpose of this article is not to dictate how planners should price their services. Rather, it's an invitation to raise awareness about the hidden commission-based pricing that can impact couples' wedding budgets. The goal is to foster transparency within the industry and by understanding the implications, couples can make informed decisions about their wedding planning choices.

Commission-based pricing should not dictate the quality of service provided or profit margins in the wedding industry. Instead, pricing should reflect the true value of services offered.

The Value of True Partnerships

True partnerships between planners and vendors are built on trust, quality, and shared goals. Instead of relying on hidden commissions, planners can select vendors based on their merits, reputation, and compatibility with the couple's vision.

A planner who prioritizes authentic partnerships ensures that recommendations are made solely with the couple's best interests in mind, rather than personal financial gains.

Exceptions and Transparency

There are scenarios where commission-based pricing may be acceptable. For instance, planners can openly state that they work with preferred providers on a commission basis to keep costs manageable for couples. Transparent communication ensures couples understand the pricing structure and can make an informed choice.

If the planner is an established IATA number holder. And again, it’s known that by managing hotels or travel for their couples, they are making a percentage of these fees.

My Commitment to Integrity

As a wedding planner, my commitment is to integrity, transparency, ethical approach to wedding planning, and providing unparalleled service. I have chosen not to accept commissions from my partners. Instead, I select partners based on their quality, expertise, and ability to bring a couple's vision to life. This ensures that my couples receive the highest level of service and value, without hidden fees or compromised vendor selections. My pricing structure is a reflection of my experience, expertise, and the value I bring to every wedding I plan.
Luxury Wedding on Santorini - Wedding Planner: Sandra Ebner from Bespoke Weddings Santorini


In the world of weddings, trust is paramount. Couples entrust their dreams to planners who have the power to shape their special day. It's essential for couples to be fully aware of the pricing structure, so they can make choices aligned with their vision and values.

The hidden truth behind commission-based pricing in the wedding industry is a complex issue that requires attention. Couples planning their elegant, pretty, luxurious, lush, and stunning weddings in Santorini deserve transparency, authenticity, and unwavering dedication from their wedding planners.

As you embark on your journey to craft a memorable wedding experience, I invite you to consider the practices and values of the professionals you choose. At Bespoke Weddings Santorini, my commitment is to provide complete transparency, authentic partnerships, and a wedding planning experience that is free from hidden costs.

Together, let's create a wedding day that not only captures the beauty of Santorini but also embodies integrity, transparency, and the celebration of love. Contact me, Sandra Ebner, to embark on a journey that is grounded in trust, respect, and a deep passion for crafting unforgettable wedding celebrations.

Sandra from Bespoke Weddings Santorini
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