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How much does a wedding planner actually cost?

Well, if I could tell you that, I would. Unfortunately I can't, because the demands of couples are so so sooo different that there is simply no specific price.

Almost priceless is my commitment to planning your dream wedding. No kidding.

To plan a wedding with a bridal couple is a challenge that cannot be compared.

What I can tell you, is how many hours it takes in minimum to organize a wedding from A to Z. Of course always in cooperation with the bridal couple. The time needed for the planning, if you are really fast and find what the bridal couple wants, is at least 30 hours. Minimum! And then there is the presence on the wedding day of an average of 8 hours - and that I am there on the wedding day as a wedding planner, I think that is more than self-evident. It makes no sense if there is nobody on site to implement the best plan. But then everything really runs smoothly; I meet the bride and groom, I know what and where and the couple likes all vendors and they also have time on the desired date - because that is also immensely important.

The expectations of the most beautiful day in life are always extremely high.

And no bridal couple can describe exactly what they actually expect.

Wedding Planner at work
Santorini Wedding - Wedding Planner

If everything works like clockwork, then you can plan a wedding in 30 hours. Otherwise I see rather black. And still every wedding is completely different.

Often it says on the Wedding Planner website that the bridal couples have to calculate 10-15% of the budget for the service. Of course there is no mention of what is included in the budget. Let me give you an example:

You buy wedding rings for € 20'000.- and a wedding dress for € 3'500 and the wedding planner gets 10-15% of that!?

Wedding Gown hanging
Santorini Wedding

I work according to effort.

Everything runs smoothly, I draw from my experience and don't have to bring 50 penguins to Santorini or create a sea of candles with 1'000'000 candles, with a budget of € 25'000 - I can't do magic, otherwise I would have a show in Las Vegas. It doesn't make sense if there's no one there to implement the best plan.

bridal couple standing at the cliffs on Santorini
Santorini Wedding

And now I hope that these tips about the "how much costs a wedding planner?" could help you a bit - would you hire a destination wedding planner for your wedding on Santorini?

Do you need help planning your destination wedding on Santorini or do you have any questions? I am at your disposal, just write me an email - I look forward to hearing from you.


Sandra from Bespoke Weddings Santorini

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