The retreats are for mindful people who care about the environment, people who want to take some time out and learn and experience something new.

Whether it is on a Business Choaching to implement your business idea or to get your existing business in shape, in a Yoga Retreat to learn more about the Yoga philosophy of life and to practice Yoga, including vegan nutritional advice, in a Fitness Retreat to get your personal fitness plan put together to be able to continue it at home without problems, including a personal nutrition plan, or during some Hiking Holidays to actively explore the beautiful nature of Santorini to learn more about this beautiful and interesting volcanic island.

There is something for everyone!


«The retreats are for all people - whether hard rocker, ballerina or banker, the human being with his values counts!»

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Yoga Retreat Santorini

In the Yoga Retreat we practice Yoga twice a day and the Yoga philosophy will be introduced to you in short theory blocks...

€ 2'500

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Fitness Retreat Santorini

In the Fitness Retreat you work out your personal training and nutrition plan with the personal trainer...

on request

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Business Retreat Santorini

During the Business Coaching you work out your "why", your ideal client, learn more about social media...

on request

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Hiking Retreat Santorini

On the hiking holidays we explore the beautiful nature of the volcanic island Santorini daily on foot.

on request

«Take a break from everyday life on the breathtaking volcanic island of Santorini!»